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Why do a LIFECYCLE mental health course?

Mental health issues are common. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue in any given year. As employers, we have a duty of care to protect the health, safety and well-being of employees.


Adult MHFA


Accreditation through MHFA England

Become a qualified Mental Health First Aider

This course will teach you how to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis by developing:

- A deeper understanding of mental health

- Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues

- Confidence to step in and reassure a person in distress

- Interpersonal skills including non-judgmental listening

- Knowledge on appropriate support services

1/2 DAY

Adult Mental Health


Accreditation through MHFA England

Increase Mental Health Awareness

An introductory course designed to increase mental health awareness and challenge stigma by providing:

- An understanding of what mental health is

- An understanding stigma and how to challenge it

- A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues

- An introduction to looking after your own mental health

- A helpful toolkit to support your own mental health

1/2 DAY


Mental Health Awareness Workshop

A bespoke course for your company designed to improve mental health awareness and challenge stigma by:

- Increasing awareness of what mental health is

- Challenging some of the perceptions and stereotypes of mental health

- Removing stigmas and taboos around the subject

- Educating around some common and less common mental health issues

- Providing practical tools and strategies to support self and others

Develop Mental Health Awareness at Work

1/2 DAY



Mental Health Workshop

A bespoke course for your company designed to give practical guidance on how to manage mental health at work:

- Understand the relationship between work, mental health and well-being

- Recognise the key factors that cause stress in the workplace

- Understand the legal obligations for managing mental health at work

- Learn how to approach and start a conversation

- Learn how to offer support and when to signpost to professional help

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Why do a LIFECYCLE Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshop?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  is all about how well we understand ourselves and how we relate to others. A high EQ helps individuals to communicate better, enhance relationships, solve conflict and improve decision making.



Emotional Intelligence


A 1 Day workshop designed to raise awareness of EQ and give practical tools on how to develop and apply EQ techniques in the workplace.

- What is EQ and why is it so important

- Non-judgmental and active listening

- Using Question Based Thinking to build empathy

- The 4 stages of Transformational Coaching

- Conformity vs self-responsibility and the avoidance of Groupthink

Develop Emotional Intelligence

1/2 DAY

Improving your Work - Life Balance


Improve your work - life balance

A 1/2 Day workshop designed to raise awareness of work - life balance (WLB), to understand the impact of a poor WLB and to give practical tools on how to develop positive habits.

- What is work - life balance?

- The causes of poor work - life balance

- The wellbeing pyramid

- Beliefs, attitudes and behaviours

- Developing positive habits


Boosting wellbeing, confidence and resilience Workshop

Boosting wellbeing, confidence and resilience

A 1 Day workshop combining the 3 key elements, designed to build self awareness, to build self responsibility and to help lay the foundations for positive behavioural change. 

Understanding wellbeing

- 3 ways to supercharge your wellbeing

- What is confidence

- How to develop confidence from the inside

- Understanding resilience

- Developing your own protective factors

Why do a LIFECYCLE Total Focus or Time Management workshop?

Our 2 Day Total Focus workshop is ideal for leadership and management teams with responsibilities for vision development, strategic planning, decision making, goal setting, staff development and motivation.



Total Focus Workshop

A bespoke 2 day workshop for your company designed to enhance communication, facilitate decision making, overcome procrastination and increase focus.

- Personality profiles and learning styles assessment

- Understand the 7 stages of change and overcoming resistance to change

- Beating procrastination

- Personal and professional goal setting

- Developing a 90 day action plan

Improve decision making and increase focus

With work related stress on the rise, our 1/2 Day Time Management workshop offers a modern, more mindful approach to Time Management.

1/2 DAY


Time Management Workshop

A bespoke 1/2 day workshop for your company designed build upon the 'traditional' approach to time and task management.

- What is Time Management?

- The current problem and why you are here.

- The impact of poor time management

- From awareness to responsibility

- Triggers, tactics and resilience tools

A modern approach to Time Management

Why do a LIFECYCLE Presentation workshop?

Knowing how to stand up and confidently present to an audience with passion, impact and clarity is a much needed skill in order to obtain interest, buy-in and commitment to your ideas.


Presenting Masterclass Workshop

A 2 day presenting masterclass that will teach you a simple, consistent method to present in any situation with impact and confidence.

- Understanding the essentials

- Defining your positions and developing your content

- Creating the structure

- Learning and integrating the story

- The presenting mindset

- Control yourself, control the day, control the Q and A

Learn to present with impact and clarity


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