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We take time to ask, to listen and to understand before working with you to craft the most appropriate solution for you, your team and your organisation




Meliora, our Positive Psychology and Neuro Change Toolkit contains more than 350 activities, questionnaires, profiling tools, interventions, assessments, webinars and workshops, meaning you can tailor the perfect bespoke support and education package for you and your organisation.




With such a broad range of topics covering the whole field of Positive Psychology, we will always be able to find something of interest for anyone looking to develop themselves personally or professionally 


Some of our popular workshops and webinars : 

A foundational level introduction to Positive Psychology and how it can be applied to great effect in your organisation

We run a series of MHFA accredited courses designed to de-stigmatise mental health, to increase awareness, develop understanding, build confidence and gain trust.

Neuro-Based Leadership

A 6 Module Workshop covering topics including Limiting Beliefs, Nudge Theory, The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence, Influencing your Sub-Conscious Mind, Neuroplasticity and Finding Flow

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshops develop in 5 key skills areas:  Active Listening, Developing Awareness, Encouraging Responsibility, Maintaining Motivation and Building Empathy

A 6 module workshop about building resilience covering Positive Psychology 2.0, Resilience, Focused Attention, Directing Thoughts, Taking Action, Maintaining Motivation

Our personalised and confidential Coaching and Mentoring programmes run over 6 or 12 months and are tailored to meet specific demands and budgets.

We commit to delivering all of our courses in a safe, supportive environment.

We Encourage, We challenge, We support, We never judge

What people are saying :

Total Resilience is an amazing program that not only details what resilience is, but how to develop it in practical everyday ways. This program will help anyone develop a deeper understanding of resilience and use the tools to create unshakable resilience in their lives.

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