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What is purpose ?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

What is purpose?

For me, it’s about knowing what I want out of life.

  • It’s about finding more of what fulfils me and makes me feel good and focusing less on those things that are a detriment.

  • It’s about understanding my value, what I can offer and how best to apply this.

  • It’s about finding the perfect balance between effort and recovery.

  • It’s about offering the best of myself to others and learning to see and appreciate the best in them too.

And what i’ve learned over the years, is that if I get this right, people see me at my best, performing at my optimum level, with passion, energy, honesty and authenticity.

That’s how I define purpose, but how did I get to understand this?

Understanding the role of Neuro Plasticity in finding purpose :

Up until relatively recently, it was thought that the brain you were born with was the brain you would die with.

Even as late as the early 2000’s the press and media were was filled with stories on how genetics pre-determine everything we experience. We are who we are, I am what I am.

We all know how easy it is for example to fall into old habits and repetitive behaviours, to be triggered by certain events and to respond in the same way to the same provocations and stimulants.

Our brains were thought to be hard-wired to function in pre-determined ways and that our genes dictate our thoughts emotions and behaviour. The age old nature vs nurture debate.

It turns out this is NOT true…

Neuro Plasticity : a new age of brain science :

Thanks to recent developments in Neuro Science, we now know that the brain is NOT hard-wired, it is soft-wired by experience.

The brain you were born with is most definitely NOT the brain you die with. On the contrary, your brain is changing all of the time, constantly modified by experiences throughout your life.

Of course, genetics to some degree influence our potential and our vulnerabilities, but they do not dictate your thoughts, feelings or your behaviour.

By deliberately training how you think, feel and behave on a consistent and regular basis, you can effectively rewire your brain. With practice and focus, we can in effect nurture our own nature.

This is widely called Neuro Plasticity. It’s a bit of a buzzword these days, but it is true and is academically and evidence based.

Neuro Plasticity : The key principles behind Neuro Change :

I’ve always been fascinated by behaviour.

What causes us to think and feel and react in the way we do? How much are we shaped and influenced by others and the events that happen around us, and why?

This curiosity has over the last few years led me into the fields of mental health, positive psychology, leadership development and executive coaching. All of which I still find incredibly fascinating, challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

And what I have observed over these years, is a deep desire for more.

People are now wanting to understand more about themselves, more about mindset and motivation. They want to uncover their own limiting beliefs, their subconscious motivations. What is it that keeps us locked into the familiar and prevents us from making change, or at least, uncomfortable with change?

These are the very principles behind the Neuro Change Method.

Beliefs, Purpose, Mindset, Consciousness : The neuroscience of change management.

When our beliefs and purpose are opposed, our beliefs will always win.

To put this more simply. If we want one thing, but believe something else, we are less likely to get what we want.

For example.

  • We may WANT to be successful, but if we don’t fundamentally BELIEVE we can be, then we probably won’t achieve the success we want.

  • We may WANT to get fit and lose weight, but do we BELIEVE we have the commitment or the purpose to do so?

  • We may WANT to start a new business, but if we don’t BELIEVE in our abilities to do so, we’ll find many reasons not to try.

Neuro Change is about enabling people to minimise their vulnerabilities and maximise their potential, equipping people with the awareness, the knowledge, the tools and the purpose to support change and live a much more purposeful life.

So what is YOUR purpose?

Having spent much of my life conforming to expectations, running the treadmill and feeling like much of it was controlling me, I developed a deep and intimate relationship with my own limiting beliefs.

I had no idea of my purpose.

Consequently, I doubted myself, talked myself out of opportunites, convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough, bright enough, confident enough, fit enough etc etc etc.

For many years, my self-imposed limitations were what influenced my thoughts, my mindset and my actions. The doubts and insecurities kept coming. It wasn’t pretty or particularly helpful.

I WANTED change, of course I did. I needed it even, but that alone was not enough.

What I needed was a deeper understanding.

A purpose.

Here are the key components of the Neuro Change Method :

Finding purpose and FLOW :

Understanding the science of human performance


Aligning with the beliefs that best serve you.


Fixed vs growth and how mindset can be changed.

The Neuroscience of EQ:

Understanding and developing Emotional Intelligence

Subconscious Influence:

Using selective social psychology tools to improve goals attainment


Creating a blueprint for neural change

The key contributors to the The Neuro Change Method TM are PhD level experts from the fields of Neuroscience and Social Psychology.

As a certified Master Practitioner of The Neuro Change Method TM - I take the latest behavioural change research out of the lab and into the market in an easy to understand and consumable format.

That's my purpose.

Do you know yours?

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